Resources for Care Partners

At MnCAN, we prefer the term care partner rather than the more traditionally used term “caregiver” because we believe it is a partnership with friends and family that actually occurs in the road to living well with aphasia…

Rescue: Resources & Education for Stroke Caregiver’s Understanding & Empowerment

This site has great tools and tips for care partners to aid in the care of yourself and your loved one after a stroke.

Stroke Support: Aphasia Help

Check this site for strategies care partners can use in coping with stress.

Stroke Survivor

Here’s a fantastic site written by a care partner and her husband with aphasia.  Lots of tips, with a sense of humor; articles, books, and helpful products.

Caregiver Action Network

This is a wonderful website with many resources for care partners.

Senior Community Services

This site is a great resource for senior support services including low or no cost services such as care partner support, home maintenance, medicare and health insurance counseling, website to support family communication for scheduling care and accessing valuable resources.  Check it out for more details at:

Ivan and his wife talk about living together with aphasia.