Resources for Professionals

Below is a list of some favorite resources for apps, activities, group treatment and materials that can be helpful in working with people with aphasia. 

Aphasia Access

Aphasia Access is an alliance of Life Participation Providers  and is rooted in the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA). The LPAA is an essential service approach positively impacting how a person with aphasia navigates their environment, life situation, personal identity, attitude and feelings, in addition to their language impairment. Check this link for informative webinars and videos on life participation and supportive conversation:

Aphasia Access website:

Living with Aphasia: Framework for Outcome Measurement (A-FROM) is designed as a conceptual guide for thinking about outcomes in aphasia and is a  framework for capturing real-life outcomes of aphasia intervention. A-FROM focuses specifically on making a difference to the everyday life experience of individuals with aphasia and their families.  Watch the video about A-FROM from the Aphasia Access website…

Aphasia Institute

Based in Canada, the Aphasia Institute has built a reputation as a world leader in aphasia care:

Tactus Therapy

THE BEST resource for SLP’s on APPS for adult aphasia therapy:

Pinterest: Aphasia Boards

Pinterest has some great boards for SLPs and aphasia specifically.  Check these out: #1

Honeycomb Speech Therapy

Innovative ideas for functional aphasia therapy using life participation principles:


This site has useful reference sheets, links to webinars, videos and slides, and product information:

Contant Therapy

This personalized iPad therapy uses brain rehabilitation exercises to create tasks for at-home or treatment practice:

Home Speech Home – Word Vault

Great affordable app for speech practice materials, including 30,000 functional words, questions and stories to use in therapy: 


Lanternfish and TESL Journal

These two websites have some great ideas for planning conversation groups with lesson plan ideas and  hundreds of conversational questions and  topics to stimulate conversation  for working with people with aphasia.  They are originally intended for ESL teachers, but we have found that these types of materials work very well in groups for people with aphasia:

Lanternfish is found at:

The Internet TESL journal is found at:

EduBakery – Word Games

For a reasonable lifetime fee, you can use this site and/or series of apps to create custom crosswords, word searches, Bingo, flashcards and word scrambles:

Being Creative –what an inspiring idea of collaboration between speech language pathology and music therapy in a Conversation Group……resulting in a beautiful song created by the participants…….