What is the Referral Process for a New Participant?


A referral can be made by a speech pathologist or other rehab professional, a caseworker, a physician or any healthcare professional.  A person with aphasia, their friends or family members can also refer.  And if you have aphasia, you can refer yourself!  A physician order is not necessary to join a MnCAN group.  

Here’s the Referral Process:

1.  If you are a healthcare professional, a person with aphasia, or know someone with aphasia who could benefit from a conversation group or other MnCAN program, contact MnCAN at 612-524-8802 with referral information or email julia@MnCAN.org.

2.  MnCAN will then contact the referral to complete Intake/Background Information.

3.  Based on the referral’s location, information, and preference, a group will be recommended to best suit their needs. There must be a diagnosis of aphasia to participate in the Aphasia Conversation groups.

photo 14.  The new participant will then be connected to a group facilitator to get started!  They are welcome to come and observe the group first.

5.  Registration forms will be sent to new and returning participants.  Please send tuition with the registration forms.  Financial support is available upon request.

6.  Check our Calendar and Aphasia Conversation Group page for schedule, location and facilitator contact information for the groups.It may also be helpful to read about/look at pictures of MnCAN activities and information about aphasia on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MNConnectAphasiaNow.  Please LIKE the page if you want updates.  You can also check MnCAN’s website: on the right-hand sidebar is a mini version of our Facebook page. We LOVE to get LIKES!

Inclusion Criteria:

Candidates must…

  • have aphasia as their primary diagnosis
  • be behaviorally appropriate
  • tolerate a group setting
  • be able to display a preference by gesture, yes/no, pointing or by verbalizing